You fancy… but if you real fancy, think about stone for you next flooring project. Unlike some natural products like wood flooring, real stone is hard to imitate. It’s as durable as it is unique. Stone flooring will definitely up your game.

However, stone can be difficult to maintain. Stone is susceptible to acidic damage. So, stone in the kitchen might not be a great idea as there is often acid in ingredients and cleaning products (unless it’s igneous rock, the stuff that comes from magma or volcanos such as granite). Stone can also be scratched. Micro scratches from dirt and small rocks dulls the finish and damage the crystalline make of most stone flooring. This damage is difficult if not impossible to repair. Prevention is typically the best solution, use mats and rugs near doors to trap damaging dirt and rocks.

Stone has to be sealed. Usually a solvent based sealant is best. This will help prevent damage from staining (but not acids). Clean it with stone soap (something with linseed oil if it’s available).

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