Cockroaches are very resilient little creatures and seem to multiply rapidly. They are also known disease spreaders. It’s understandable then, to be horrified if you find them in your home. So, let’s discuss some ways to prevent cockroaches from settling into your home.

It is good to think about the things that would attract cockroaches into your home. While it’s true that they can live in all kinds of conditions, what they really love is grease, dirt, and moisture. The kitchen is one area that has these elements, so start there. Give the kitchen a regular thorough cleaning, making sure you include a good clean behind appliances, even the bigger ones. Keep the sink clean and as dry as possible. Store food in sealed containers and use a trash can that also has a lid.

The bathroom will also provide the perfect environment for cockroaches, so you should also try to keep it as clean and dry as you can. You should also check for dripping faucets and leaking pipes and fixtures that would entice cockroaches into the home.

Finally, cockroaches tend to stay out of well-lit areas, so it may be a good idea to leave a few lights on during the night to keep them at bay.

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