A very large percentage of people in the US live in rented homes. While most homeowners have a homeowners insurance policy to protect their property, what should those who rent their homes do to protect their belongings? One of the best ways of protecting the contents of your rental home is with a renters insurance policy. Here are some of the benefits of having this type of insurance:

Many people do not have renters’ insurance because they think it is too expensive but, depending on the type of policy you go for, renters’ insurance is actually very affordable. Plus, besides protecting your belongings, renters’ insurance also covers you against property damage and injury or damage to a neighbor’s property.

Another reason people do not have renters’ insurance is that they do not think their possessions are worth anything and don’t see the need to insure them. But think about how much it would cost to replace those belongings and you will quickly see how much value they have.

But isn’t the rental property covered under the landlord’s homeowner’s policy? Do not assume that your possessions are covered by their policy as this may not be the case. It is still always best to keep yourself well protected by having your own insurance policy.

From this brief discussion, it’s clear to see the benefits of having your own renter’s insurance policy. If you still don’t have it, why not find out more?

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