It is only natural to want the best, most thorough home inspection service available. But, did you know that, very often, a home inspector cannot be as thorough as they would like to be? Why not? Here are some reasons why:

Obstructions. For a home inspection to be a thorough one, the inspector needs to access many areas of the house, including the attic and basement. If access to these areas is severely restricted by a homeowner’s possessions, etc. they will not be able to inspect the area. Before your inspection, make sure there is a clear and unobstructed path to these parts of the house. You should also remember to leave doors and gates unlocked on inspection day.

Home maintenance. Before putting their home on the market, a homeowner will very often try to spruce up their property and get all those repair jobs done that have been sorely needed. If these jobs have not been taken care of before the home inspection, it could interfere with the inspection. For example, even seemingly small things like faulty smoke detectors and light bulbs that need replacing can negatively affect the inspection report.

Pets. Household pets are much-loved members of the family; however, they can also be very protective of their homes, which can make the home inspector’s job a very difficult one. On the day your home inspection is scheduled, it is best to either take your pets away from the home or keep them in a secured area.

Yes, we want you to have the best home inspection possible. Following these few suggestions will help ensure you get the most out of it.

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