Growing up in the city, you might see some amazing sunsets. The colors, purple and orange look amazing. But we know now that those beautiful colors come from the pollution in the air. Maybe as a kid, you were encouraged to stay inside. But is inside really the safest place?

Many of us spend more than 90% of our time inside. But a lot of what we do inside can make the air we breathe there harmful. Things like heating or cooling the air, cooking, even just cleaning cause our inside air to be polluted.

One of the most common cause of harmful air inside the home is biological pollutants. These are small living things or very small bits and pieces of formerly living things. This pollution is so small you usually can’t see it. It can come from pets (e.g. pet dander), to dust mites or pollen. To make these things harmful, moisture is also needed. Unfortunately, most homes in North America suffer from moisture problems.

Maintaining cleanliness and reducing moisture issues is your best protection. Dander has it’s favorite locations. Keep carpets, sofas, shelves and closets clean. Clean pet bedding regularly, washing with hot water if possible.

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