Having a good showerhead for your shower can make a world of difference. There are some types that will make your shower nicer by providing a massage while you are in the shower. Some are specifically made to conserve water and you have the option of having a handheld as well as a stationary showerhead. If your shower head is old, broken, or just ugly, maybe you’ve been thinking about changing it, and it is definitely a very easy thing to do. As long as it isn’t rusted on there, you might not even need to use any tools. It is important to remember that whenever you are working on your plumbing, you should first turn off the water supply.

While it isn’t very likely that you will have a disastrous leak while replacing your showerhead, it is always better to err on the cautious side when dealing with plumbing.

If the old showerhead is stuck to the pipe, don’t use too much force to remove it, since this could damage the pipe and cause a leak.

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