There are few things as enchanting, inviting, and comforting as a fire. Today, we tend to use fires and fireplaces more for entertainment than out of necessity. Although they can warm our home, most of us have other means to do so. But sitting by the fire warms us and comforts us.

As the fireplaces function has changed, so has its form. Few fireplaces are built of brick and mortar any more. Most are manufactured. These usually are made with a steel enclosure containing the main firebox and steel chimney. Because of their design, they are safe to install in most any home. As they have an outer wall that is not in direct contact with the fire, they can be installed close to wood framing. Most manufactures require ½“ between the box and anything combustible like framing. Most chimneys only require a 2-inch clearance.

Although these devices are very safe, basic safety is still needed. During periods of frequent use, check the chimney monthly for obstructions and creosote build up. And keep your pipes clean, have a pro chimney sweep clean it once a year.

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