During the warm summer months there can be nothing better than a backyard barbeque. Of course, many of you are very experienced around a barbeque. Even so, a few safety reminders never hurt. Here are some tips for staying safe while barbecuing:

Propane grills. If it has been a while since you started the grill, give it a once over and check that there are no loose connections, gas leaks, or areas that have started to deteriorate and corrode. To check the connectors safely, turn on the gas and spray a soapy mixture over the connection points. If bubbles start to form, this may be a sign of a gas leak, so take the appropriate measures to correct the problem before using the grill.

Even charcoal grills have their safety hazards. These kinds of grills can produce an excess of carbon monoxide that we would want to avoid inhaling. You should not place this type of grill too close to the house as it may become a fire risk. Always make sure everyone is very careful when they are in close proximity to the grill.

Grilling on the barbeque is a summer tradition and one to enjoy. Just make sure there is always someone supervising the grill and keep children away from the area so that your backyard remains an enjoyable and safe place to be.

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