Natural light is very much desired in a home. However, some older houses were not built to take full advantage of natural light as modern builds are today. So, if you would like to add more natural light to your home, how can you do it? Here are a few ways it can be done:

Add skylights. Skylights are an excellent way to add a huge amount of natural light into an otherwise dark room. Just be sure that you have them installed by a professional who will do the flashing correctly so that they don’t leak. You should also choose double-paned windows.

Light tubes are another good option for adding natural light into a space. As light filters through the tubes, a diffuser helps to distribute light evenly into the room. A lens is also fitted to them, which helps to boost low-level light, and at the same time, reduce the sun’s intensity at midday.

If you are looking to add light but not heat during the summer months, then Clerestory windows are a good choice. This type of window is usually installed high on a wall. They are short but wide, which allows a good amount of light in but, due to the roofs overhang, does make the room too hot in the summer. As the sun is lower in the sky during the winter, you will still benefit from the sun’s warmth during the colder months.

As we can see from this very short review, it is possible to add natural light to a dark home. Of course, you will need to do a lot of research before deciding which option would be right for your home.

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