Entertaining on a deck is awesome… until someone trips and falls off. We’ve all been there, there’s no shame in it, except for the fact that it didn’t have to happen. Most decks (anything bigger than twenty square feet) today require an outdoor receptacle by code, and for good reason. We love outdoor spaces. And decks and patios are great places to entertain. But entertaining usually requires power. Without a properly placed receptacle, we’re going to run extension cords. About half of all injuries related to extension cords involve tripping. In addition to tripping hazards, the cords introduce fire and shock hazards.

Obviously, because of their location, they must be protected from moisture. These receptacles have faceplates, which must be fitted properly. They must be weatherproof. Often, these receptacles are installed against uneven surfaces. To prevent moisture from entering, caulking should be used to fill any gaps. These receptacles usually are not required to be GFCI.

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