So many things in our home nowadays are electric, from kitchen appliances to iPads and phones, everything requires an electrical outlet. In many older homes, there are simply not enough outlets, so a power strip seems the obvious choice to keep up with the demand, but how can we make sure that we are using them safely?

Consider the following:

  • Never interconnect power strips, even if the power strip has a surge protector. These can become overloaded and cause a fire hazard. It is also a violation of OSHA and NEC regulations.
  • You may think that the old power strip you’ve had for years with its exposed wires and scorch marks is still in workable condition, but it is not safe and should not be used.
  • Stop use immediately if the power strip becomes hot to the touch
  • When plugging in your device, make sure that none of the metal prong parts are exposed as this presents a danger also
  • Power strips are not intended to be a permanent solution, but only for use temporarily.

As you can see, power strips can be very useful, but only if used correctly.

Please give us a call with any questions you may have about electrical outlet safety in your home

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