One of the worst gifts you can buy for your anniversary is a vacuum cleaner. Its just a bad move… unless it’s a central vacuum system. Although not common in the US, they are becoming more popular. These systems are becoming more affordable while average house sizes are increasing, so many are opting for the whole-house vacuum.

They definitely have their advantages over their counterparts. Because they don’t need to be small, the motors are built to handle more work. Because the motors can be bigger, they usually have better suction. Even though they are more powerful, they are also quieter, because the motors can be installed away from the primary living areas in a house. They are also better for those with allergies. All the dusty air is pumped outside, so it truly removes it from the room.

The real downsides are initial cost and “excessive” power. Cost is at least offset by a longer life and better warranty. Because the systems are so powerful, they can actually damage themselves by sucking up things a normal vacuum couldn’t so keep it away from sharp objects and small pets.

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