We all know that mold is not something you want to discover in your home as it is harmful to our health and well-being. But why does mold grow in the first place? Let’s look at this subject a little more by considering the basics of mold.

Mold is vital to nature as it helps to break down dead organic matter. Although, mold is a good thing when it is out of doors, finding it inside your home is a different matter entirely and must be prevented. Mold produces minuscule spores that float in the air. If these microscopic spores settle on a moist surface, they begin to grow. While there are many kinds of mold, they all need a form of moisture to develop.

As well as the known health risks, mold is also bad news for anything it grows on. Inside the home, everyday items like carpets and soft furnishings can be damaged irreparably if mold starts to form on them.

While it will not be possible to get rid of mold completely from a home a lot can be done to prevent it from damaging your property and health. As mentioned, mold needs moisture to grow, which means it loves a humid environment. Try to maintain low humidity levels inside your home to prevent mold from growing, particularly in the more moisture-prone areas like the bathroom and basement.

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