Are you about to move house? You may have found a home that perfectly matches your needs. The only issue with it is that the prior owners were smokers and there is that strong, lingering smell of tobacco. What can be done to start the process of eliminating stubborn tobacco odor?

Tobacco smoke particles are extremely tiny. For this reason they can permeate absolutely everything, which means your entire home can smell. Even if you’re moving to an apartment that has never had a smoker occupy it, you can get smoke particles come through from a neighboring apartment.

There are some initial things you can do to start getting rid of the tobacco odor.

An obvious start is ventilation. Open as many doors and windows as you can to let some good air flow through the home.

There are some natural ways to neutralize and absorb bad odors. Some of these are:

Baking soda. This is good for absorbing and neutralizing odors, just be careful though when using it around soft furnishing etc as it can also cause some damage to these items.

Lay citrus peel around the home for a few days. Citrus also gives off a lovely fresh scent.

Vinegar is a good option, although the smell can be quite strong. Charcoal can also be used. Leave in a bowl and place in rooms around the house. good options.

Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee. Its great at neutralizing odor. Place filters filled with coffee grounds around the house.

This has been some of the initial steps to take to start to get rid of tobacco smoke odor. How can we eliminate the smell permanently though? This will be considered next time.

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